Why Register A Domain Already Indexed by Google?

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Registering an internet domain is not a simple process. It can be a hard and excruciating task before one can establish his very own domain. However, there are several uncomplicated tips and rules that one must remember is registering domain. The below is a discussion of some easy tips in choosing a domain and its edge and advantages.

It is ideal to register an existing internet domain than to buy a new domain without any history primarily because search engines such as Google favor domains that are established and have a longer history. Domains which have longer history, use and existence in the internet are perceived that they are older and hence more credible source of information. They are viewed to have better back links and efficient internal link structure. This fact has been tested comprehensively and is verified to provide faster indexing, more traffic and hence better results.

To register a domain without any history would be fine as this would allow you to establish your preferred back links and internal link structure however always expect that search engines would not easily give preference in indexing your domain as fast indexing entails several requirements. Search engines tend to index new sites gradually however registering an existing domain with excellent history will be a great advantage because your domain will appear more often in search engines.

Every hour an internet domain is dropped. This gives you every opportunity to choose the domain you want. Just always keep in mind to consider the back links of the domain you are going to register. Lesser back links are indications that the domain you are checking has lesser history, and thus would produce lesser results.

Here in www.directinfodom, we provide you not only an excellent list of available domains which one can register, we also provide tips and quick guides to help you in choosing and registering existing domains.

Registering domains that are already indexed by Google can be compared to buying out an existing company with an established hierarchy and internal organization. Like an existing company, domains that are already indexed are perceived to be more reliable as they have long standing history of back links and reliable internal link structure. Buying existing domains however can be rather expensive, depending whether the domain name is catchy, simple and short. The shorter and the simpler the domain name is, the pricier. A domain already indexed by Google is only one of the several indications which show that a domain is indeed old. Other indications include the site being more than two years old, and that the sites pages are that of a decent site not merely a link farm.

At the end of the day, it is up to you whether you would want to buy a brand new domain or just register a domain already indexed by Google. What is important is to always keep in mind to make your domain searchable, catchy and brandible. This simple requirements can be the very reasons that would sky-rocket you to success.

Question by thisisonlyatest: Does it matter Who you use to register your domain name?
I have a bunch of domain names I want to register’. They will be separate from my web host because I want to own it.

In the past, I’ve used Godaddy, but they seem to be getting too expensive for a bunch of names.

does it matter what company I use to register names? What happens if my domain company goes ‘poof’ and disappears? Does my name go too?

Best answer:

Answer by Joshua B
No it does not matter and if it goes poof you stay up, unless you are hosting on there server too.

Answer by Mr.Klaus
Not if you move your delegation to ZoneEdit or something it won’t. Well, if company disappears you’ll have problems extending it. So I’d still suggest to get the domains from a big guys like GoDaddy, and change move your zones to ZoneEdit.

Answer by David M
if you like godaddy but need cheaper solution try one of there resellers

.com cost $ 7.99 at http://globedomains.com

you get godaddy reliability a bit cheaper

It does matter where you register as some charge extra for DNS control you need that to point to your hosting.

I purchased 5 cheap domain names then found I had to pay another $ 9 just to point them to my host, so I transfered them via http://globedomains.com and they add another year on I now have DNS control to point to my seperate hosting service

Answer by srinyvas
No , It doesn’t make any problems. but the domain registrar must be reliable and cheap. before registering just read the reviews about the company and book it ……

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