Must Have Winter Accessories

"Must Have Winter Accessories"

Must Have Winter Accessories
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The season of layering has finally arrived at the station and it is time for us to get out and let the winter caress us. The time to don all those clothes and capes, wrappers, jumpers, hoods, trench coats, so on and so forth is here. This season the clothing-loathing does not end and quite frankly we like it that way – Correct me if I am wrong !

Question : What time it is right now ?
Answer : It is Fabulous-Winter ‘O’ Clock !

So about time that we sport these babies.
I would love to go all vintage with the colours and style this season.
The Knit wool snood, warm wool fedora, Fur cape or collar, Vintage neck piece over your ensemble, ankle length leather boots, Muffler hanging mittens and of course that suede leather bag with studs on it.
You can never go wrong with these. These numbers will pep up any garment you have on.

Let winter be your time to shine.
It definitely tops the list of ‘My Best Seasons’.
What about you ?


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