Mexico Vacation Packages

If you would like to know a little about the wonderful Mexico Vacation Packages that are available to you, the Internet can show you so much more. But read below, to found out about two of the best Mexico Vacation Packages that you can come across with.

Beginning with Dreams in Puerto Vallarta, a growing haven which is fast becoming overbuilt with big multi-story Condo and a lot of Time share complexes. You will find this place just south of the original town with a beautiful and picturesque beach that is very private. Dreams provide you with the best restaurants, service and facilities with a Mexican twist in an all inclusive plan. Aside from the lovely sceneries, the staff at Dreams really make the difference, from the Bellman that greats you upon arriving, the Restaurant staff ready to make you enjoy your food and even the cleaning staff are friendly as well as hospitable. Their smiles are enough to entice you to go back. However, if you are really after attractions or sites, you just need to go further to the South of La Kliff to get an amazing view and the restaurants are really great. There are also other places such as Hacienda Angel or Café Des Artistes and the price tag to visit these places would only cost you $196 which is the nightly rate per person and for three nights that would only be $604.

On the other hand, beautiful and charismatic Los Cobos can provide you with the most comfortable accommodations. Hotel Riu Palace in Cabo, San Lucas has a Mediterranean theme with Spanish-Moorish styles of arches and domes, all these inclusive in your vacation package.
The Elegant Hotel Riu is located close to one of the most pristine beaches, the Medano Beach. And the cost to enjoy these places would not be more than $200 per night and on the average about $700 for three nights.

These are just two of the wonderful Mexico Vacation Packages there are more however, just by reading this article would give you a heads-up on what a true Mexico Vacation should be.


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