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Are you the parent of a child with LD? Dyslexia? ADHD? Do you have a student who finds learning difficult? Are you a professional who helps people lead healthy and successful lives? Are you an adult who struggles with learning disabilities? LDW is here to help and bring hope.


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Creative Solutions to Contemporary Challenges in Small and Rural Schools Across America, edited by Nicholas D. Young and Christine N. Michael
Learning Differences: Research, Practice and Advocacy, edited by Nathalis Wamba and Teresa Allissa Citro
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Parents (birth to adulthood)
Educational Options for Students with Learning Disabilities: Maximizing Potential
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In the Book Store: The Experts Speak: Parenting a Child with LD
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Key Features of Exemplary Reading Instruction
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Strategies for Successful Learning
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In the Book Store: Transitional Skills for Post Secondary Success
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Individuals with LD
Get Organized!
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In the Store: Pathways to Success: College Students with Learning Disabilities
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Learning Disabilities: A Brochure for Psychologists
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In the Store: The Pediatrician and the Child with Learning Disabilities
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Resources for Professors and their Students
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In the Book Store: Research to Practice: Effective Interventions in Learning Disabilities 
Strategies for Successful Learning 
November 2010 Issue Released

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Successful Learning

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LDW® on the Radio!
Where: The Jordan Rich Show
WBZ News Radio 1030AM, Boston, Massachusetts
Description: Teresa Citro, parents, teachers, and students spoke about learning disabilities on Sunday, December 6, 2009.
Listen to podcast: http://www.jordanrich.com

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