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 IQ offers | Key Product Features and Benefits

By serving as a link between publishers, libraries, and the research audience, IQ offers publishers added market exposure and awareness; libraries, corporations, and other organizations expanded information sources for their patrons; and, the individual information seeker truly connects to the world of electronic information.

For Librarians

IQ offers many choices for today’s librarian. With IQ’s state-of-the-art capabilities, librarians can access a wealth of information at their fingertips. IQ has an easy to use interface designed by usability and cognitive specialists. With IQ, searching is made easy with choices for a search strategy. Boolean, concept, and pattern searching, as well as relevancy ranking or date-rated results puts IQ a step ahead of its competitors. Also, with IQ, a choice of modules gives you exactly what you need and lets you pass on what you don’t. IQ offers usage reports, individual and group administration, as well as IP security. IQ is a cost-effective solution for expanding information sources beyond journals normally reviewed. IQ delivers answers to your desktops.

For the End-User

Access information anytime, anywhere. With or without electronic subscriptions, IQ allows users choices on delivery of the electronic information they seek. IQ has no software to install and no CDs to handle. IQ’s database is updated frequently and offers an alert service so that you are made aware when content you need is added. The user can view full-text, abstracts and tables of contents. All in one place. IQ gives the end-user an easy-to-use solution to their electronic information needs.

For Content Providers

Through a simple-to-use interface, IQ can deliver subscribers directly to you. IQ offers publishers added market exposure and awareness by serving as a link among publishers, libraries and the research audience. IQ offers online desktop delivery directly from the publisher’s site, many times right to the article level. We bring the information seeker to you.

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