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IQ benefits: Information Quest (IQ) simplifies your management of electronic journals and online resources from selection to access while providing your end users with a sophisticated, easy-to-use front end to electronic research materials in a variety of fields. With IQ as your gateway, you will be able to provide the easy access to electronic information that your users expect as well as establish your role as a leader in delivering electronic information to your organization. The benefits to your institution are impressive.

IQ Benefits: Benefit from a Powerful Search Engine with Easy-to-Use Interface


IQ Benefits:

Information Quest’s attractive, easy-to-use interface and precise searching capabilities provide experienced and novice users alike with the ability to locate the electronic content they require quickly and easily. With IQ, you and your patrons will benefit from being able to learn and use only one search engine and interface, making information retrieval simpler and more intuitive for both library staff and users.


IQ Benefits : IQ can greatly enhance your search effectiveness through a wide variety of powerful search methods including:


Ø       Concept Searching, IQ’s most unique and robust feature, which provides users with the ability to use real sentences and word phrases. Natural language searching of full-text allows even the most inexperienced user to successfully and easily find relevant articles


Ø       Related term searching, an attribute of Concept Searching, which expands your search words using a network of nearly 2 million word relationships to give you unparalleled access to resources in the IQ database


Ø       Fuzzy Matching, which allows a search on misspelled words such as names, technical terms, expressions with odd characters, or even foreign languages


Ø       Traditional Boolean searching


Ø       A “More like this” function, which allows the user to query by example and find relevant full-text articles on similar topics with one click of the mouse


Ø       Full-text indexing for a more complete search environment—every word in the article is indexed


Ø       Browsing by journal title, article title, publisher, or provider


IQ Benefits: IQ is the only product of its type on the market enhanced with these state-of-the-art search technologies to bring powerful searching within the reach of novice searchers.

IQ Benefits: Benefit from IQ’s Rich Content


IQ Benefits:

In addition to its extensive database of bibliographic citations, IQ currently has agreements for delivering the full electronic text of journal articles from prestigious publishers and providers, including American Institute of Physics (AIP), Springer-Verlag, MIT Press, Academic Press and 50 more. Plus, IQ allows you to:


Ø       Provide your users with a major collection of scientific, technical, medical, social sciences and humanities information in electronic format


Ø       View online or download full page-image content from more than 2,600 online journals issued by the most important STM publishers around the world


Ø       Provide consolidated access to a database of more than 13 million article citations from 20,000 journals


Ø       Keep current with up to 50,000 citations added each week to IQ


Ø       Access nearly 400,000 articles which are available for desktop delivery—a total of 4.8 million article links

IQ benefits: Benefit from IQ’s Simplified Authentication Processes


IQ Benefits: IQ offers a secure and manageable solution allowing you to provide connectivity to e-resources for all user types.


Ø       IQ’s quick and easy authentication process validates subscribers through a series of authentication methods including ID and password verification or by IP address or range of IP addresses


Ø       Links to business systems of RoweCom’s subscription companies–including Faxon–provide seamless verification of current subscribers


Ø       IQ users may also order documents for delivery via fax or Pay-Per-View whether or not they have a subscription to the publication


 IQ Benefits: Benefit from IQ’s Multiple Delivery Options


IQ Benefits:

Whether your library subscribes to a particular journal or your patrons are one-time users, Information Quest offers more delivery options than any other provider.


Ø       Desktop delivery of articles in their original format, including graphs and illustrations, provides subscribers with immediate access to the information they need


Ø       Pay-Per-View online access is available to non-subscribers on a transactional basis from Adis International, Arnold Publishers, NRC Press, Kluwer, MIT Press, Professional Engineering Publishing (formerly Institute of Mechanical Engineers), American Institute of Physics, Blackwell Publishers, Blackwell Science, Royal Society of Chemistry, and White Horse Press


Ø       Fax document delivery from the British Library, CISTI, and UnCover allows you to compare electronic journal costs while providing your patrons with a wider range of global titles.  Additional document delivery services will be added soon


Ø       The “In Library” function of IQ may be used to notify your users of your library’s print holdings and provide locations for specific titles


IQ Benefits: Benefit from Simplified Information Access and Electronic Journal Management


IQ Benefits:

Electronic journal management has never been easier.  With IQ’s sophisticated purchase tracking system, you can quickly and accurately track patron usage to see which journals are used most.  Here are other valuable administrative features that will help you evaluate online subscriptions more easily.


Ø       Purchase Summary reports which allow you to view online and then print purchase details


Ø       Deposit accounts with multi-currency functionality


Ø       Easy credit card transactions in a secure interface via Cybercash


Ø       Seamless integration with RoweCom and Faxon subscription systems


 IQ Benefits: Benefit from IQ’s TOC Alerting Service—IQ Alerts


IQ Benefits: IQ Alerts is a sophisticated and comprehensive service that enables you to track selected journal titles and electronic content on a regular basis. With IQ Alerts, you have the option of being notified by e-mail when new content of special interest to you is added to the IQ database


IQ Benefits: IQ Alerts provides you and your users with:


Ø       Links from the e-mail message directly to the issue and article details in IQ, where you are able to view the article online or order the article via Pay-Per-View or fax delivery


Ø       The ability to check Results from Saved Alerts while logged into IQ


Ø       The ability to easily set up alerts by keyword searches or by specific journal titles


Ø       The ability to automatically include information about your library’s print holdings for the journal within the e-mail alert, using the “In Library” option

IQ Benefit: Benefit from Simplified Electronic Journal Licensing & Registration with License DepotSM


IQ Benefits: License DepotSM, a stand-alone service, helps users to identify and order electronic resources, obtain the latest information on electronic journal licensing and registration terms and conditions, as well as pricing and other vital information for electronic journal access.


License DepotSM provides:


Ø       Search and browse access to a growing web database of nearly 6,000 electronic journal titles


Ø       Extensive electronic journal license information with links to the full license agreements of over 150 publishers


Ø       Links to online registration forms at the publisher sites


Ø       Access to notes and procedures summarizing licensing and registration procedures and information about each title and/or publisher, compiled by specialists on staff at RoweCom and Faxon


Ø       Current pricing information for each electronic title


Ø       Useful management reports, including a list of free online titles to which the library has access


IQ benfits: Benefit from IQ’s Free Trial Offer

Experience the full IQ benefits by signing up for IQ’s Free Trial offer. Go to www.getinformation,com and click any one of the free trial links available throughout the site. Your username and password will be sent to you automatically and your trial will be valid for 90 days from the date of your first login.



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