Information quest – What is IQ?

What is IQ? Information Quest

Information quest - What is IQ?

Information quest – What is IQ?

Picture how easy it would be to perform information searches using one simple, intuitive graphical user interface instead of multiple information resources. 

Envision automated e-mail notices announcing new article availability for specific areas of interest you queried weeks ago.

Calculate the time you would save if you could narrowly define your information query, eliminate the possibility of false hits, and capture only truly relevant information. 

With Information Quest – a state-of-the-art, Web-based information searching and retrieval tool – all of these advantages are at your fingertips.

Information Quest is the link that connects information seekers to publisher content. It provides one-stop access to scientific, technical, medical and business information, as well as tables-of-contents entries from more than 22,000 journals, many dating back to 1990.

IQ consists of several modules that can be purchased separately or together to meet your needs.

IQ Search – This is IQ’s core product. This extensive database allows you to search or browse not only our content, but also the publisher’s databases that we partner with.  IQ Search can lead you to the information you seek right from your desktop. Whether the information is at IQ or the publisher’s site, access is easy. IQ Search offers three search options, each made simple with our intuitive user interface. By first reviewing the article abstract, you can decide if the article is right for you. You can have the articles delivered by fax with Uncover or British Library or view on screen, either through your subscriptions or with our pay-per-view feature using Cybercash. With IQ Search, the world of electronic information is virtually at your fingertips.

IQ Alerts – This is IQ’s current awareness service. With IQ Alerts you can choose a subject or a table of contents to be alerted on. With a saved alert, your alert search strategy will be run once each week as new content is loaded into the IQ database. Any time new articles are added to the Information Quest database that match your search criteria, you will be notified by electronic mail. You may browse your Saved Alerts by selecting this option from the Current Awareness menu. 

License Depot – This is the one-stop source for the latest information on electronic journal licensing, registration terms and conditions as well as other vital information for electronic journal access.  The License Depot’s innovative easy-to-use interface and comprehensive database provides an important starting point for all your electronic journal research, management and information needs.

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