Can I buy a domain name without being a registered buisness?

Question by jonathan: Can I buy a domain name without being a registered buisness?
I would like to buy a domain name, but I am still in the process of creating my buisness. Can I buy it before I am actually a registered company?

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Answer by Tara
Yes you can buy a domain name, I suggest that you buy your own name too, if that is not available then put a hyphen between your names – if you need a hand you can reach me at

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Answer by Presumptive
yes… they don’t care if you’re in business or not… and there’s lots of domains that have nothing to do with business… they’ll sell you whatever you want as long as you can pay.

Answer by Windowphobe
Sure. I have five of them and I don’t run any business at all.

Answer by Nate D
Yes, .com/net/org ext. are not restricted like that. You need a valid license to get .pro though.

Also if you don’t have a business address yet and do not want your home address listed as the owner

has private registration on sale at $ 1.95 for the year.

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yes u can buy domain name u will have problem

see to that u don’t buy any trademark domain names

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The registration of a domain is a simple process, even if they leave the first time that the process of first customer in the time domain is divided into the following phases:

1. Select the name you want to buy.

2. Subscribe to a service domain registration (it’s free).

3. Purchasing the domain you want with your credit card (you) for a while ‘.

4. LeavingDomain names> with the Registrar together (as an investment for the future, or until it decides what to do with it), or develop a website.

Consider these points in detail.

Decide for yourself

You can use the domain that you want to know, and I know it’s still available – if not, type the name into a search engine to see if it’s done. Buy if not, then you can.

If you are not sure about the nameThey want to do some ‘brainstorming. In short, are the generic names of most value, but now very small. For ideas, go to the Registrar of the domain name,such as GoDaddy and use their instruments to have an unregistered (free) the name is based on the subject or topic you have in mind.

Domain registration service subscription

Go to a service like Godaddy, and register. This means that you must enter your name and contact information forthat all domain names that have registered to buy. In addition, you must enter your credit card. Be registered free of charge, and you can see the process of registering adomain name and read a FAQ on this topic before proceeding.

Buy the domain you want

After registering, you can use any domain name that you want to buy because it’s still free. Note that the. Name extension is always COMmost popular one, though you could buy .net, .info, .org, .tv, or .biz versions of the name if the .com is taken. Expect to pay about for the registration, and then the same every year you want to keep the name registered.

Park the name, or build a site

Services like Godaddy allow you to simply ‘park’ the domain with them. You own the domain, and no-one else can buy it, unless they make you an acceptable offer of course. Or, you can find a Home and create a website for your domain that the next step is a valuable resource for the area.

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